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My Favorite Places

Umm, okay...  It's not a ferret site, but click it anyway.

Dog Dancing!  If you don't know what dog dancing is all about, here's an enlightening video found by my auntie Andrea.  This "Bubbie snuggle kiss and huggle" goes out to you, Andrea.  They may not dance quite as well as me, but you gotta admit, they have rhythm.  This is cute too.  Here's another video from www.dogpatch.org--the music is a delight! 

This is Oscar and Elke's favorite.

What's that you say?  You want to buy me a present and have it shipped directly to me?  Why, how awfully nice of you!  Click here to view my Wish List.  Have a BANTASTIC day!

Daddy is weird.  See for yourself.

Ever wonder how old Amanda Righetti is...click here.

Ferret Care

The Ferret Manual: Everything you ever needed to know about caring for your little fert.

Extreme Weezils Ferret Care Page: Another great page from the Extreme Weezils website.

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Last updated on November 30, 2006.