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		<td align="left" style="padding-top:20px;">&laquo; <a href="{PREV_TGT}" title="{PREV_TITLE}">Previous Photo</a></td>
		<td align="right" style="padding-top:20px;"><a href="{NEXT_TGT}" title="{NEXT_TITLE}">Next Photo</a> &raquo;</td>
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					You are currently viewing {PIC_POS}.  You can review additional <a href="javascript:;" onClick="blocking('picinfo','yes', 'block'); return false;" title="{PIC_INFO_TITLE}">details</a> about this photo, enjoy a <a href="{SLIDESHOW_TGT}" title="{SLIDESHOW_TITLE}">slideshow </a>of all photos in <a href="{THUMB_TGT}" title="{THUMB_TITLE}">this album</a>, send an <a href="{ECARD_TGT}" title="{ECARD_TITLE}">eCard</a> to someone based on this photo, or you can <a href="#respond">leave comments</a> about this photo.